Sherpa Chow
Nourishing Families with Good Food

Ingrid Orlow, Chef
Sherpa Chow, LLC
8106 21st Ave NE
Seattle, WA

phone: 206-499-0552

Welcome to the website for Sherpa Chow, LLC, a unique personal chef and postpartum doula service.

Our mission is to bring great food to you, by planning appropriate menus, shopping for fresh ingredients, and cooking it in your home for reheating when you need it.  We also offer postpartum support for new families.

How It Works

First, we have a conversation to assess your nutritional needs, tastes, and allergies. Then we create your menus. On your scheduled cookdate, we do the shopping and come into your home to cook the food. All we need is counter space, the stove, oven, sink, and refrigerator/freezer. We provide all the equipment and supplies to cook your meals.  If you require postpartum support, we will schedule and interview to assess your needs and plans for after the birth.

Cookdates are scheduled once a week or as needed for each family, on a morning or afternoon that is convenient to you.  Your meals are packaged immediately after cooking for refrigeration or freezing.  We provide reheating instructions -- you reheat and serve your meals whenever you like.

A Family Service includes 5 entrees of 4 servings each, for a total of 20 servings. 

Couples Service also includes 5 entrees, but they are split into 2 packages of 2 servings each, for a total of 20 servings, which is usually enough for 2 weeks of meals.

Postpartum Service includes 4 hours of combined cooking and doula services (often a hearty soup and a crockpot, as well as some snacks or a salad).

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